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World's No. 1 Selling Anti-Bacterial Treatment : Limited TIME Offer Only RM250 RM47! • no catch •
Worried About Driving Around In A Dirty Car Infested With Bacteria & Viruses? Take this vital first step now to Help You Get Better Health & Protect The Well-Being of Your Loved Ones At HomE!
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Experience For Yourself All the benefits of Bactakleen's revolutionary anti-bacterial treatment 

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, mould & fungi hiding deep inside your vehicle
  • Reduces the spread of Influenza such as H1N1, SARS & the common cold
  • ​​Improves air quality and neutralises all type of bacterial & chemical odour
  • ​Helps individuals with existing respiratory conditions to breathe better
  • ​​Removes buildup of bacteria colonies from every area of the car's interior
  • ​Completely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly for all humans & pets
  • ​​Provides immediate & long-term protection against bacteria & viruses
  • FDA approved with proven lab tests by Chemlab, Chemsil, TUV, SIRIM & SGS
This Quick & Powerful Fumigation Treatment Is Something That Everyone Needs Urgently After Months Of Lockdown To Get Rid Of All The Germs & Bacteria Living Inside Your Car!

 So if you're already here right now seeing this offer for the first time, it's simply because you've been specially invited to come in and gain early access before anyone else so that you can enjoy the best possible deal on these packages before it's even available to the general public.

You probably understand... marketing and advertising form a large expense for many businesses out there. As a result, reaching out to brand new customers who've never ever heard of REGAL VALET before will cost us a whole lot of time, effort and money.

Cash that struggling SMEs like us are running short of after months of closure because of the global health pandemic.

As we try to collectively get back on our feet in the months ahead, we felt nonetheless like we needed to reward all our loyal friends and clientele who've stuck with us through thick and thin.

Because of this very fact alone, we've decided to come out with some very exclusive deals like this world's first 2-IN-1 ATOMISED ANTI-BAC STERILISER that we're offering to you now for only RM47! (Oh, and it's limited to just one per customer only, alright?)

However, this treatment will 100% NOT remain at this crazy price for very much longer! And we're not saying it just for fun!

Once we've given sufficient time for you to grab this special deal, we'll need to increase it back to a level where we're not losing big money. We usually charge RM250 for just a single session alone, and any future promotions will be at least double of what you'll be paying now. Not kidding!
Hurry along now & grab this amazing opportunity before the price goes back up & it's too late! 

For the rest of you still scrolling instead of locking in this irresistible deal right this moment, there can only be one reason... 

Who Are These People?
What Can They Do For Me?
Where Are They Even Located? 

These are all absolutely valid concerns... & we're so glad you asked!

If we've never had the chance to serve you before in the past, our name might not ring a bell to you just yet. But more than that, maybe you do have a slight clue of who we are, or you might have driven by our flagship studio just behind the Proton Showroom along the LDP during your daily commutes around Damansara.

Yet, you want to be doubly sure & confirm for yourself that we're thoroughly legit, reputable and worthy of the very important business of taking care of your precious car.

As fellow consumers ourselves, we get it, and we're completely with you!

But if you've got a few minutes to spare, we'd be most happy to share...

Since you're here, Why Don't We Just get started?

Our gate's wide open...

come on in & welcome aboard the All-new RV experience!

REGAL VALET: 10 Incredible Years In Business & Raring To Serve You Even Better Than Before!
REGAL VALET ("RV") started as a deep passion and love for fine cars, fuelled by the desire to raise the art and science of automotive care in Malaysia. Indeed, we truly believe there can be no compromise when it comes to caring for our prized vehicles. Yet, back in 2010 when our company was first established, the local industry was merely in its early growth phase with less than a few recognised names in premium detailing.
From the very beginning stages of our business, we have been serving highly discerning car owners who demanded the world and expected nothing short of the best. Our steadfast vision to make a difference and continue to deliver valuable solutions with a personalised touch remain to this present day. 
If you'd like to pay us a visit some time in the future, we'll be more than happy to share some of our latest innovations and complete value propositions so that you can ultimately benefit and be part of a truly exciting and transformative car ownership experience. See you real soon!
meet the GUYS behind the BRAND
Soo Jin & Jerrod

What's Better Than Solid Proof That We're The Real Deal & Will Always Be Good For Our Word!

HIGHLY RATED: Over the years, we've received awesome feedback from our customers in public, plus a whole lot more in private (well, we must admit that RV does serve quite a a number of media-shy personalities)... but you can always go check out what others are saying about us on our Facebook & Google listings!

"Regal Valet provides excellent service. Their workers are prompt, courteous and professional, and above all, my car looks brand new. I opted for the full carwash package so as to remove the tar and dirt from the interior of the car. The upholstery now looks amazing. I highly recommend the service and will use them again. One of the best car detailing service in the area."

"Had a wonderful experience here as always, my car car looks and feels its best after every visit to RV. I trust them to take great care of my car with the highest workmanship and proper attention to detail. I highly recommend you pay a visit if you can, even for just a car wash."

"Beautiful high-end car care shop. Not only is it located in a beautiful location on the side of a hill overlooking Bandar Utama and One Utama, it is also placed directly behind the Proton and Honda showrooms. It also features a nice air-conditioned waiting area with a TV and free of charge beverage machine. Their package deals on their website is absolutely worth the money."

"Great service n friendly! After my coating was done, went back whenever I had some touch up issues and they always helped out with no questions asked. The high attention to detail is tremendous. Strongly recommened and they will be my first choice auto detailer moving forward!"
Join our growing tribe of Delighted & satisfied customers today. we can't wait to welcome & show you around our Wonderful studio where lots of awesome people come by every single day!!
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